– Just like Spring –

The first rays of sun after a long winter just mean one thing, early spring! As this season only brings good vibes, we wanted to bottle it for you. We combined the best recipe with a bright representation to create a product that accurately reflects what a happy occasion means.

April Reserva

There’s a legend that says,
when the sky cries stars
and an unusual breeze moves the air,
an angel appears in the shape of a woman.
Her hair is so soft and silky that
when you weave your hands through it,
you feel like you are caressing the wind,
and her skin is so pure that there’s an aura
that prevents you from touching it.
There’s a legend, and that legend says
God was actually a woman.

April ICE

Once upon a time,
a storm was crossed by a fallen star,
and thunder with a lightning strike
in a girl’s body were content.
She was a lover, a dreamer and a fighter,
like a waterfall of emotions made cocktail.
Rebel as a twister, was chased
by everyone but caught by no one.
She was too much to be,
till she turned into nothing,
but dust in the wind.


Poetry is when words are combined with each other without any logical meaning but at the same time they get much more meaning than words themselves.

It’s something that goes further than the rational world, something that is called art.


What is viticulture for us.

Wine is not just fermented grapes in a bottle, it is an ancient artistic process that’s been among us for centuries, something that releases our feelings and therefore frees our soul.

That’s why we praise it for what it is,



Our cava comes from a winery that owns some truly spectacular vineyards which are located at an altitude of eight hundred meters! This allows the grapes to grow under conditions which lead to unique flavours in our wines

April Cava is made in small batches in Calatayud, Spain



The protected Designation of Origin guarantees the quality and authenticity of our cava recipe, which is the secret to its excellence.



One thousand days makes you an amateur, ten thousand days makes you a master. Our winery has been successfully producing high-quality cava for over one hundred and fifty years.



In these 150 years, our vineyard has developed an incredible expertise for selecting the best grapes. This gives our cava an unbeatable quality.

Look at
these cocktails!

Our April cava Ice is the perfect base for a delicious cocktail. Use April Ice to elevate each cocktail and amaze the people you’re serving it!. We know the ingredients to achieve that perfect moment filled with good vibes. That’s why we collected the most delicious cocktail recipes you can make with our high-quality cava.